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Bussiness Administrator, Dancer, Choreographer and Teacher in the area of the folkloric dance. Creator, General Director and Choreographic of the Folkloric Ballet of the Bio Bio. He initiates his first steps in the folkloric dance at 5 years old with the teacher Maria Angélica Fernandez. He realizes studies in Musical and Choreographic Folklore in the National School of Folklore (ENAFO). He realizes studies in Modern Dance in the Ex-Center of Dance Calaucan of Concepcion and of Classic Dance in the Academy of Classic Ballet Belen Alvarez of the same city. He has delivered his contribution as dancer in several folkloric groups of the Region of the Bio Bio, taking part in diverse meetings of folklore character in Chile, and in International Festivals of Folklore, so much in South America, since in Europe. He has served as a juror in several championships of Cueca in diverse categories along the country. He has developed workshops of folklore in schools and has directed and advised artistically to several folklore groups. Nowadays, he is a member of the International Organization of Folk Art (IOV) and of the National Corporation of the Traditional Culture of Chile (CONACUTCH).




Teacher of classic ballet, educator in musical arts and pianist. Born in Cordova, Argentina in 1967. She initiated his studies of classic dance at seven years old with the teacher Blass Massafra and later with the 1 º ballerina Graciela Piedra de Del Barco. At 18 years old, the Corporation of Teachers and Ballet teachers of Buenos Aires grant her the title of Classic Dance Teacher. In 1985 and 1986 she realizes courses of development in the Theatre Colon of Buenos Aires. At  20 years old graduates of the Seminar of Dances of the Municipal Theatre General San Martin Liberator of the city of Cordova. She is a scholarship for the same theatre to work with the youth ballet and then she won a scholarship for the official ballet. In 1992 she establishes herself in Concepción Chile where she joins to the ballet of the Corporation of Concepcion University. Under the direction of the teacher Belen Alvarez she assumes Coppelia's principal roles, The Sílfides and Nutcracker. In 1999 she finishes her career as professional ballerina to devote herself to the maternity and to the teaching in the music and in the dance. She dictates Pre Ballet classes in the Azucarcandia Garden and in the Institute of Art Concepcion of this city. Her life has been tied from always to the world of the arts.




Licensed in Psychology of Concepcion University. She began her dance studies at 5 years old at the Academy of Classic Ballet Olguita Figueroa from Tome, attending in form parallel to courses and workshops of Classic Academic Technique. The year 2004 enters to the Ex-Center of Dance Calaucan, studying modern dance with teachers as Viviana Campos and Paola Aste. She takes part of diverse seminars of dance with teachers as Joel Inzunza, Valentina Pavez, Susana Rojas, Esteban Peña, between others. The year 2009 enters as dancer to Dance Collective Calaukalis taking part of varied projects and festivals inside this group. The year 2010 takes part in the program Choreographic Laboratory 2010 Zone South/Small Format, under the direction of the choreographer: Elizabeth Rodriguez. Since 2011, she works as teacher of the course of Modern Dance in the Bafobiobio Academy.




Actor and dancer, began his artistic career studying and bachelor's degree at the School of Theatre "Theater Image" Santiago of prominent Actor, playwright and National Art Award Gustavo Meza. Then enter the School of Dance Show "Valero" the outstanding choreographer Sergio Valero in which he gets the title of Instructor and Performer in Dance Show. There he takes ballet classes with the teacher Elizabeth Sovine, becoming his assistant for some years. Later, he realizes studies of development in the same discipline with Master and First National Chilean Ballet Dancer (Banch) Cecilia Reyes. Inside the area of the action has made several short films for Universities of Santiago and film students. He takes part in some chapters of the TV Program of National Television from Chile "Mea Culpa" by Carlos Pinto, in the independent film "El Carrete", in chapters of the Megavision Program "Alerta Roja" and of extra in the series "Amango" of Channel 13. To get his degree in Dance Instructor and Performer Show, makes his professional practice in the Image Theatre, where he delighted with his creativity and talent is hired as a professor of Jazz Dance and Ballroom Dance. After this, he was hired by the School of Dance Show "Valero" to dictate classes of action and education of the voice. In parallel, he joins to the cast of dancers from the Sheraton Hotel - Santiago and realizes workshops in schools and dance schools in Santiago of introduction to dance, ballet, pre ballet and puttings in scene of  musicals like "Cats," "The Wizard of Oz, "Annie” and “La Negra Ester" in musical version contemporary. He realizes also the choreographies of the Work "Bicentenary" for the Government House “La Moneda”, led by the prominent actress Luz Berrios. In Concepcion has worked as a dancer and choreographer in the Children’s Studio “Planet Kids”, in the TV Program “Siempre Juntos” of TVU, at Producers and Discoteques, and as Teacher at dance academies, schools and Municipalities. Since 2011 he serves as teacher of Jazz Dance in the Bafobiobio Academy.




Graduated of Concepción University as teacher of Physical Education, process during which she takes part in different workshops dictated in this university, such as, show dance, salsa, afro dance and modern dance, focusing in the area of the Hip Hop from 2006. She penetrates into this subject matter taking part in different meetings and Street Dance classes (Hip Hop, Locking, Popping) realized in Concepcion and Viña del Mar, dictated by some of the pioneering teachers of this style; Henry Link, Suga Pop, Popin Pete and with Mariano Capona, dancer and the director of D-Master Suiza, between others. Teacher of Hip Hop course of Concepcion University from 2010 and nowadays Teacher of Hip Hop course in Bafobiobio Academy.




Biologist and MSc in Zoology at the Concepcion University. Musical Director of the Folkloric Ballet of the Bio Bio from 2008 to date. A member of the Folkloric Ballet of the Concepcion University (BafoUdeC) from 1990 to 2010.  A member of the Joint Huenuicán traditional songs and dances Group of the Concepcion University. Director of Latin American music group "Valcaraz" from 1987 to date. Participates as a member of Folkloric Ballet of the Bio Bio Musical Cast on tour to Spain on 2008. He plays different Latin American musical instruments including: guitar, charango, Venezuelan cuatro and tiple, wind instruments like quenas, transverse flute, zampoñas. He also plays percussion instruments such as bass drum, snare drum, bongoe and congas. In order to further refinement as a musician, during the years 2007 and 2008 taking violin lessons with Professor Patricia Singorenko Ojeda.




Teacher of Physical Education, he began his steps in the Ballroom Dance with the teacher Jorge Quezada with whom it takes part of multiple workshops of development of the style. He realizes constant development with the recognized teacher Jose Luis Tejo. He directs Ballroom Dance's Company SURLATINO, taking part constant of the different cultural activities of the region, promoting and spreading to the community this style, achieving a massive participation on the part of this one. Since 2011 he is Teacher of Ballroom Dance in the Bafobiobio Academy.




This outstanding dancer from an early age is dedicated to the gym makes it clear where his artistic talents. Upon turning 12 years old begins his career in dancing, developing as Latin American and Chilean Folklore dancer, which allows it to be accepted into the BAFONA at 18 years old. In 1999, she dancer develops as Cuban Salsa (Casino) dancer and after 3 years becomes a precursor of the style Salsa Mambo (1 and 2) in the Bio Bio Region. In his extensive career she has participated in major international-class events such as the International Salsa Congress (Mendoza, Argentina); Salsa Congress (Buenos Aires, Argentina); Comadreja Salsa Congress (Cordova, Argentina), Chile Salsa Congress (Viña del Mar). At these events she has served as Jury and Dancer, showing shows and sharing stages with prominent world-renowned dancers from the likes of Oliver Pineda, Rafael Barros, Johnny Vasquez, Yamulé and Swing Guys, among others. She has also represented our country in the championships that are held there.
Currently she serves as instructor of the discipline in various academies and universities of Concepcion achieving in her students strong foundation as far as technique, style, interpretation and musicalizacion. Also she realizes other activities for companies and individuals across the country.




He begins to dance Breaking the year 2002 in Osorno city integrating the group madafa k bboys crew. Along his path it has taken part with very much success in a great quantity of Breaking's championships, so much in Chile, since in Argentina, between that they emphasize Break Dance South American Championship Sudaka in Santiago of Chile; Break Dance International Championship Cipocity Breakers in Cipolletti, Argentina; Break Dance International Championship “Batallas del Sur” in Bariloche, Argentina; Breaking Boskecity Battles South American Championship in Santiago of Chile and the Championship Bull BC One Cypher Chile in the same city. In addition, he has served as Jury in Break Dance's National Championship Masters “Señores del Subsuelo” in Santiago of Chile; in the Break Dance International Championship “Batallas del Sur” in Bariloche, Argentina; and in the Knockout Championship “Batalla del Apocalipsis” in Santiago de Chile. He currently serves as professor of Breaking (Break Dance) at the Bafobiobio Academy.


Ballet Folklórico del Bío Bío (Bafobiobio) Serrano N° 174, Concepción, Chile, Tel: +56 41 3228946